Part Thirteen - First for my non-Finnish-reading friends (suomalaisille ei tarjoa mitaan uutta tama postaus)

Part 13 (first of the English-language entries :))

I started this blog in Finnish but it was the plan all along to start making entries in English as well, given that many of my friends and especially my wife’s friends and family cannot understand Finnish. So here we go – first ever English entry to the blog that is mainly about the (very rapidly approaching) extended honeymoon of ours!

A very quick summary of what it’s all about: we are flying out from Gibraltar (where we have been living for the past – OMG it’s already been six years!) on 18th September, first stop being London. From there we will continue through Dubai (just changing planes at this stage) to Kathmandu, Nepal. This is the first actual stop on the trip. We are staying in Kathmandu for a couple of nights and we already booked a room in an airbnb place with a local family – that will be so cool! As a side note, if you might be interested in this site where you can either book rooms with private families or even possibly host yourself, please drop me a line. I can give you information, personal experiences as well as a referral link that gives you a discount on your first booking. 

So after the first few days in Kathmandu we are heading off for our Annapurna Circuit Trek for thirteen days (from Besi Sahar to Jomsoon). We have hired a guide and a porter through a company called Green Valley that seems to have great reputation and only good reviews. I know it would be possible to book whoever guy on the street in Kathmandu but we didn’t think that was the best possible option for quite a severe trek at the highest altitude we have ever been – we prefer to be with somebody who knows what they are doing! 

From Jomsoon we are taking a flight to Pokhara, where the plan is to chill a few days or maybe a week doing yoga/meditation retreat kind of thing. 

The next stop will be Chitwan National Park, where we will most likely arrive by rafting and then it’s all about wilderness hikes and spotting tigers (they tell us the chances of actually seeing tigers are minimal, unless you are simultaneously getting eaten by a tiger. Oh well.). At the end of the itinerary we do have a few extra days without any particular plans yet – we’ll see what place attracts us the most. The Nepal bit of the trip is going to be exactly 30 days. 

(this is not turning out to be such a quick summary as I had planned. I do tend to ramble on and on. I might have to divide this introductory post into several bits.)

After Nepal we touch down in Dubai again, this time actually spending two nights there. Dubai has never really featured on my bucket list but we figured that we might as well stop for a couple days since we are flying there anyway. So we will have time to visit the desert as well as taking in the obligatory Burj al Khalifa and the rest. Then it’s time to head to Sydney, Australia! *funfare*

More in the next post, folks (I believe this is called a teaser!)!


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